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The Polyamide 6 producer ATT Polymers belongs to the Azoty Group and polymerizes nylon at various viscosity levels.

Polyamide 6 neat resin at various viscosity levels from 2.4 up to 4.0, suitable for compounding and extrusion.

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Akro-Plastic is a specialist for innovative and application-oriented plastic compounds. The company is part of the K.D. Feddersen Group and globally active with manufacturing site in South America, Asia and Europe.

Akromid® A,B,C   PA 66, PA 6, PA 6/66

Akromid® S         PA 6.10 compounds

Akromid® T         PPA compounds

Akromid® RM      Specialty blends based on PA/ABS and PA/PBT   

Akromid® Lite     Low density grades based on PA/PP

Akroloy®             Partially aromatic nylon compounds

Akrotek®            PEEK and Polyketone compounds  

Akrolen®             Polypropylene compounds

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Bio Polymers

Bio-Fed, a business unit of Akro-Plastic manufactures biodegradable and bio based plastics.

Versatile compostable resins used to manufacture films and designed for biodegradable bags where industrial composting is an end-of-life option.

Semi crystalline polyester grades, with excellent processing performance on conventional injection molding machines.

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Cast polyamide, made by anionic polymerization of AP-NYLON® Caprolactam, combines outstanding material properties with exceptionally low inherent stresses in the product. Cast polyamide products, whether in the form of semi-finished stock or complex castings, can be made very cost-efficient by all known casting processes, i.e., vertical casting, centrifugal casting or rotocasting.


Brüggolen® C
Additives comprising catalysts and activators which have been developed for the production of high-grade cast polyamides by anionic polymerization.

AP-NYLON® Caprolactam
Utilized as raw material for anionic polymerization to polyamide 6 as the moisture content compared to standard caprolactam is drastically reduced.

An elastomer-modified AP-NYLON®, or P6 block copolymer, noted for its exceptionally high shape stability. Both semi-finished stock and complex parts are obtained by reaction injection molding (RIM), rotocasting or vacuum infusion.

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