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Impact Modifiers & Coupling Agents

AuserPolimeri produces maleic anhydride grafted polyolefins.

Compoline® CO/LL – CO/UL 

Coupling agents and compatibilizers in polyolefin compounds                                          

Compoline® CO/LA
Adhesion promoters and tie-layers                                                                                           

Compoline® CO/PA
Impact modifiers

Compoline® CO/PP
Maleic Anhdydride grafted polypropylene

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 Impart Flexibility and high impact resistance to otherwise brittle plastics (PA, PA / ABS, PBT, PET).


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Viscosity Modifiers

BrüggemannChemical is an industry leading manufacturer of polymer additives, offering a wide range of very effective stabilizers against heat, light and oxygen degradation for various polymers.

Brüggolen® M
Viscosity modifiers (chain extension and chain scission) as well as plasticizers for Polyamides.

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