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Akro-Plastic Logo

Akro-Plastic is a manufacturer of innovative and application oriented engineering plastic compounds.


Auserpolimeri Logo
AuserPolimeri is a recognized manufacturer of maleic anhydride grafted polyolefins to be used as impact modifiers or coupling agents.


BIO-FED are experts in the development, compounding and marketing of biodegradable and/or biobased plastics.


Brüggemann Chemical Logo

Brüggemann is a producer of high performance additives for engineering plastics and specialist for nylon oriented additive systems.


ATT Polymers Logo
ATT belongs to the Azoty Group and is a producer of Polyamide 6 for use in film and sheet extrusion as well as in compounding.


Voelpker Logo


LUCOBIT AG develops and manufactures flexible polyolefins for sealing, coating and foaming applications as well as for impact modification.